Ericke VS Their Wedding


Their Wedding paved its way to the LA indie scene bringing honesty, heart felt and to-the-point lyrics back to music.

I am no music critic, and this is not a music blog, so I think the best way for me to talk about this band, is how their music makes me feel. Their EP aptly called Take, feels nostalgic, somber yet very hopeful. I for one am too excited for their upcoming single to be released on the 14th of April.

I sat down and talked to them about their inspiration, future plans and what makes the band tick.


ET: Why Their Wedding?

Mike: When I asked Al to join the band back in 2013 we were attending A LOT of weddings. I always liked the idea that the weddings were always THEIR wedding and not YOUR wedding. There’s something very interesting about that. We also wanted to make our name impossible to find on google, because we’re jerks like that.

Al: 2013 was the year of weddings including my own. It’s slightly ridiculous how many weddings, Mike, Celese, and I went to and got rip roaring drunk at and made inappropriate speeches. 2013 was not only the year of weddings but a year where mike and my music career and friendships took an interesting turn and became something different. And I think our band name somewhat signifies that.

Celese: I think Mike thought it was an appropriate name
for this time in his life and the beginning of something new.

ET: Do people think you’re just a wedding band?

Mike: No, a lot of the time people think we’re a band that goes by the name The Wedding. But it would be interesting for us to play a wedding. That way we can say, “Their Wedding to play their wedding!”

Al: I don’t think anyone thinks we’re a wedding band they mostly make fun of what “their” they would use. Like “there” or “they’re” or even pluralizing our band name. If anything we make more Wedding Singer references ourselves.

Celese: Usually the opposite! People see our appearance (we dress in the very slimming all black color) and joke that we should be called “Their

ET: How do you 3 know each other?

Mike: I met both Al and Celese in high school. They were part of the cool kids club. Al and I were also in another band for about five years before we started Their Wedding.

Al: I met Celese in high school at our church youth group. I met mike through Celese because they were in chamber singers. We were also in some of the high school theater productions together, but it wasn’t until well after high school that Mike asked me to join The Motel Life, our previous band.

Celese: Mike and I were both in Chamber Choir together in High school. He was a Junior and I was a Senior. Al and I met in Church. He got bored during service and decided to put the girl in front of him hair in his mouth, which was me.

ET: Describe each other in 1 word (Can I have answers from
each if you describing the other 2?)

Mike: Celese=Inspiring

Al: Mike: committed
Celese: bohemian

Celese: Mike=Imaginative

ET: Where do you get inspiration to write music?

Mike: Inspiration can come from anything. I’m an avid reader so a lot of the times I get inspiration from books. Watching live bands play is always something that inspires me. I love going to shows randomly in LA.

Al: Of course listening to music, but also watching documentaries of bands going on tour, making records, or just a video of a show. Also jamming with mike and laying demos down. He inspires me. We’ve been playing together for a while so we know how to motivate and lead each other in the writing and recording process.

Celese: Al and Mike, they have such an understanding of music and an
ambundance of creativity, I have to keep up.

ET: What’s your 5 year plan?

Mike: To meet Baby Haim.

Al: Play a festival. Not exactly a headliner, but just a band with enough steam behind it to find its way into some kind of festival.

Celese: Top 40 radio airplay

Photo by : Courtney Coles
Photos edited by: King Duque

If I Could Change Your Mind

ificouldchangeyourmind DSC_0151 DSC_0184DSC_0186DSC_0195 DSC_0187

Having another fluffy top-flippy skirt moment on my birthday! I wanted to look like a celebratory cupcake on my special day ^_^

I think it’s a good thing when your birthday falls on a weekday, because you have a reason to celebrate it for a longer period of time. Since mine was this Tuesday, I’ve been having mini celebrations all week, so expect more pictures by this weekend!

Top: American Apparel
Skirt: Romwe
Heels: Zara

Photos by: Greg H.
Cover Layout: King Duque

Heart Skipped a Beat





In celebration of 5 years sharing my adventures, vanity, late night blahs and larger scale-selfies, I have a new blog post layout c/o my new graphic designer……..a.k.a. my boyfriend.

Surprisingly Kitsch is turning 5 in April!

Photos by: Greg H. and Spencer Yanaga
Cover Layout: King Duque

Top: Vintage
Skirt: The Ramp Crossings
Sling Bag: Vintage Dior
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

something goes right

DSC_0125 DSC_0126 DSC_0127copy

DSC_0121b DSC_0114 DSC_0121aDSC_0115




[corset: beyonce x h&m, skirt: luna b, lipstick: candy yum yum by mac, heels: schutz]

Photos: Greg H.

Warmer temperatures and blooming flowers, I am back in my element!! I’m kicking off summer with a fresh pair of bright lace up sandals from Schutz. I was going to buy the nude version of this but then I saw these orange ones and I knew it was meant to be.

Beauty Faves 3/3: Lips

There’s something about new lipsticks, the smell, the very neat box, the feel of the brand new packaging in your hands. Admit it, everytime we discover/purchase new lipsticks we feel like a brand new girl!lipsLipsticks

  • MAC Ruby Woo – this is a bright blue-based red that goes with any skin tone. It’s the most matte lipstick out of all the matte line for some reason, I have really big teeth, and I’m so prone to getting lipstick on my 2 front teeth, but not with Ruby Woo. Lipsticks in a matte finish usually dried up the lips so much, but this doesn’t. All in all, it’s a great color, has great texture, and stays in your lips for a very long time.
  • MAC Lady Danger – This is my favorite red orange lipstick. If you want to wear a bold lip color to the beach, this is your go to lippie. It’s bold, but not over powering.
  • MAC Heroine – the most wearable dark purple ever! Sometimes I mix this with my Make Up Forever’s Color 48 – a very dark red and it turns into this beautiful dark plum.
  • MAC Relentlessly Red – This is my favorite red for spring!!!! It’s like a bold hot pink and red mix that just goes with anything.
  • Nars Schiap – The brightest pink lipstick I own! This smells so good and fades into a light pink that still looks like you intentionally made it look that way. Great for light blue eye shadows.
  • MAC Diva – Hands down my favorite dark red lipstick. There’s really nothing much to say except that this is perfect, and it’s a must have red lipstick.
  • YSL Volupte in Caress Pink – I stay away from creamy lipsticks  because they tend to feather out or fade into almost nothing but YSL’s Volupte line is amazing!!! They’re super hydrating, shiny without being glittery. I have the peachy pink too but I think caress pink is my favorite.
  • MAC Candy Yum Yum - I always get compliments every time I have this on, I use it with really blue eye shadow and it makes me feel like a total girly girl. It’s a matte pink that stays without feathering out.

Lip Liners

  • MAC Lip Liner in High Energy – Use this to transform red into red-orange. Just make sure you blend the lipstick really well with a lip liner and you can turn any red lipstick you have on hand look like MAC’s Lady Danger!
  • MAC Lip Liner in Night Moth – This lip liner is so helpful! I line my lips with night moth when I want to make my Diva lipstick look even darker. I originally bought this to use with my cyber but I found out that you can use this to turn sheer lipsticks more matte, by applying it under


  • Carmex – under my lipsticks all day, every day. I use this before going to bed as well to keep my lips from being chappy in the morning.
  • MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF15 in Fuchsia Fix – this protects your lips while giving it a very nice healthy pink glow.

Thank you for reading my 3 part beauty series fellow make up junkies!

Beauty Faves 2/3: Eyes

We’re done with the face, now it’s time for the eyes. This has to be the longest one out of the 3!


  • Naked Palette 3 - this is a very rosy pink palette. I received this as a Christmas gift from my friends last year. I was scared it wouldn’t look very good on my asian skin tone and I don’t know, maybe it’s because I have light brown hair but it works. I always reach for this when I don’t want to look too made up like for work or for hot sunny days.
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Stars N’ Rockets - On the eyes, this shadow looks like a metallic violet color on it’s own, but it has blue, silver and pink sparkles that almost looks like a hologram on the pot. It has so much going on that if you mix it with other colors, it transformers into unique shades.
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Jealousy Wakes - This is the most beautiful green I’ve ever seen. It’s like a glittery emerald green, but sea foam green at the same time.
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Night Divine - I use this for the inner corners of my eyes every time I do dark smokey eyes.
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Trax - this is like a mauve color with gold sparkles, I usually wear this on it’s own with just black eyeliner.
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Blue Flame - I love dark blue eye shadow, and Blue Flame is so great for doing blue smokey eyes with a little silver, and black.
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Espresso - This is the most helpful eye shadow color you can ever have, I use it for my eyebrows, lids, and you can also use this to contour small areas.
  • Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Polyester Bride - The name is very fitting because looking at the pot, it reminds me of a glittery wedding dress. It’s a sheer kind of white with big silver sparkles, I love to use this on the brow bone and the inner corner of my eyes.
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Electric Eel - My little brother Brandon (who rarely compliments me btw) loves this on my eyes, he said it makes my eyes pop. It’s the kind of blue that Barbie wears, it’s so bright that it makes the white part of my eyes even whiter and makes my eyes bigger.
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 - This is my favorite between the 2 UD eye palette’s I have, it’s very versatile and it can be the only eye shadow you bring for when you travel. All the colors in this palette covers whatever you need for day or night, for a smokey eye, for accentuating your creases, for highlighting or contouring your nose line.

Creme Based

  • Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer - before trying this primer, I thought it was just another thing brands wanted us to spend our money on when my concealer was already doing an okay job setting my eye shadow. I tried it, and I saw how much it made the colors more bold, and helped them last a very long time and never put eye shadow without it ever since.
  • MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack - I never put on eye make up without this. I use it with an angled eyeliner brush and it lasts forever, even when you get super sweaty from all the dancing trust me, it does not come off.
  • MAC Paint Pot  in Bare Study - when you want to travel light, and you’re going to a place where you only want to look naturally radiant, like it’s just you and the sun that’s giving you a natural glow, take a peach blush, mascara, lip balm and this. This is all you need for your eyes. It works as a great primer for sparkly eye shadow too.
  • MAC Paint Pot in Dangerous Cuvee - I love mixing this with silvers, and dark eye shadow colors. It’s like a sparkly gray color that’s really great for nights out.

Next up is my favorite lipsticks!!

Beauty Faves 1/3: Face

A lot of people ask me about how I do my make-up. Since I don’t think I have any authority sharing beauty tips and tricks, I’ll just share my favorites for the face, eyes, and lips! I’m breaking this into 3 posts because I don’t want it to be too long :)


  • MAC Powder Blush in Dollymix – It’s “candy pink” with a little bit of shimmer. This is the kind of pink that works with even red lipsticks.
  • Nars Orgasm – This is Nars’ most famous blush for a reason, it’s a peachy pink shade that goes well with any skin tone with a very subtle shimmer. I just wear this and mascara when I’m at the beach to make my cheeks glow.
  • Nars Desire - This is one of my favorites! It’s a super bright pink but is not as shocking as it looks like in the pan. It’s matte and blendable and it surprisingly looks very natural on the cheeks.
  • Nars Sin - Sin is the perfect name for this blush. I wear this for when I want to look a little more vampy, but you have to use this very lightly or you’ll end up looking bruised if you put too much.


  • Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet – I bought this after I started breaking out because I needed a super light moisturizer for my sensitive skin.
  • Sarah Mc Namara Skin Transformer Acne Control – It’s a tinted moisturizer that clears up pimples. I hate wearing foundation everyday so this is my substitute. It evens your skin tone, covers up small blemishes and gets rid of acne at the same time!


  • Bareminerals Well-Rested Face and Eye Brightener Pen – I use this for the corners of my eyes, to highlight my cheek bones and my nose line


  • MAC Studio Fix in NC30 – for the perfect coverage. I only put this on though when I’m going to a party or to an event otherwise I can get by with my tinted moisturizer/cc cream and concealer.


  • Urban Decay Blush Brush – I use a big blush brush for only the apples of my cheeks.
  • MAC Angled Blush Brush – When I use Sin from Nars, I use an angled brush because it picks up just the right amount of product. The bristles are not too dense, are super soft and is perfect to use when you just want a lighter application.
  • Tokidoki x Sephora Foundation Brush – I thought I was just buying this because of how adorable it looks but I was so surprised of how soft this brush is. I use this with my powder foundation and it never looks cakey.
  • Sephora Pro Flawless Airbrush Brush #56 – If you’re looking for a multi purpose face brush this is all you need. I use it for my tinted moisturizer, liquid foundation, even works for powder foundation and it blends really wel! I love the quality of Sephora’s brushes and they’re so much more affordable.


  • Urban Decay Prep Spray - use this Vitamin-infused prep spray before applying moisturizer to minimize your pores, even your skin tone while making your foundation last all day.
  • Urban Decay Setting Spray - use this after everything, fake eyelashes and all and you’re set, even after you pass out in the toilet after puking full of self loathing from the night before, you’ll still wake up with full on make up ;)