Purple Haze

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I finally did it. My hair is now 50 shades of purple and I love it!!! Since I already bleached my hair, I think I will stay with light shades for now.

For the past week, Los Angeles has been stuck with this unbearable heat. This romper is pppppppeeeeeeerfect for mindless dressing during hot summer days (yes in LA, October is warmer than June or July). The print reminds me of the dresses my mom would make me wear in the 90’s to compensate for my boyish hair cut. Floral prints tend to be stuck for spring and summer only but you can make this work for fall with the right accessories. You can wear this with a pair of grey over the knee socks, boots, and a cable knit cardigan for colder weather and it still wouldn’t look out of place.


Romper: Urban Outiftters
Camera Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Flats: Zara

Photos by: Spencer Yanaga

Cover photo edited by: King Duque

VNCVR to LSNGLS part.2


Click here to see the alternate cover photo.

So part 2 of my weekend with Ericke was cool shit. Part of the anniversary celebration was a weekend at the Line hotel down at K-town.

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Los Angeles givin us some K-town love.


The next two days, we pre-gamed @ Pot for some Korean bbq then went to the Made In America festival for our 2 day date. I have to say, It was awesome since I haven’t been to music festivals since the warped tour.

I died when I saw Chance the rapper.

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After two days of our date that included dancing, drinking, walking, losing wallets and loud music. We went back and kicked it in the hotel where bad jokes and farting in the blanket was the name of the game. Good times.

All in all, I think that we kicked off our first anniversary in the best way possible. Thanks to my amazing girlfriend for making everything we do so entertaining, fun and memorable. Here’s to us and more years together.

I love you.

 IMG_9005“my kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder.’ -Jeff Buckley

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Dilemma: Purple Colored Hair

Since Fall 2013 I’ve been considering dying my hair pastel purple. I thought it would be the ultimate sexy man repeller that will make any outfit I wear look edgy. Sweatpants, Nike frees and a white shirt: basic bitch. But with purple hair? Edgy-That-Doesnt-Give-A-Fuck.

Just as I waited too long to buy a pair of jogger pants, I think I procrastinated way too long to dye my hair. My coworker Greg is out sick today because of a sciatic nerve injury of some sort. As he sits on his bed with his smart phone in hand, killing time, instastalking relaxing, he has been tagging me on photos of Asian girls with multicolored hair. I realized, I have hit the end of a trend. If I dye my hair now I will look like every other surfbort Beyonced out azn’s :( The edgy look is now basic. And the Normal look is now Edgy. But is wanting to be Normal…for the sake of being edgy…edgy?

King, my boyfriend begs wants me to dye my hair purple. He says I will look very hot with it. But is he excited with how I will look? or how the purple hair makes me look. The purple hair gives out an illusion, that he is going out with a certain type of chick.

Greg points out that everyone now is basic, so we should just be us. Me being me, if I want to dye my hair candy colored I should still do it and not to compare myself to instafamous people (my friend is very supportive of my fashion choices).

Still thinking about it. I thought writing it all down would help me decide. It just made me even more confused.

Speaking of hair challenges, please help my friend Carol (model in the photo) and her hairstylist Vu Nguyen win the favorite beachy hair challenge by Salon Magazine. Candy colored hair and a wavy bob, deserves your vote ;)

Review: Yakson House Pretty Leg Therapy

DSC_0652 I’m so excited to talk about Yakson’s Leg Care Therapy.

I never knew that legs can be misaligned because of little things you do on a daily basis, like crossing your legs, sitting in lotus position and even just not walking correctly can cause your hips to open up, widen your pelvis and make your legs longer than the other. Yakson helped me identify all the problems I developed over the years as well as helped me correct them.

I’m already on my 3rd day of 10 sessions which consists of leg golki, back golki care, hip care and leg care. For 10 Sessions it’s $1,100 but if you just want to try it once it’s $140 a session. I’m more used to massages that knead the tensions and the knots in the muscles. At first, Yakson’s Pretty Leg Care hurt because they essentially push, pull and tug your bones to correct them. It wasn’t until my 3rd session (after walking ALL DAY at FYF, my legs and feet were killing me) that I really felt relief and felt the benefits of the Leg Therapy. Even with just one session, you immediately see results: my butt was lifted, my legs were longer and felt lighter. I suggest going more than once to really get better results and making it more worth it.

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PLC process

  1. They direct you to your locker to change, they provide clothing to use for the whole massage
  2. Then Hena took photos of my legs, front and back
  3. She showed me photos of my legs, and pin pointed my problem areas
  4. See photo above for the Therapy process (this takes about 40 mins)
  5. After the massage, Hena teaches me the right way to walk which only takes about 5 minutes

Yakson is located all over the world, they have branches in Japan, Korea, Philippines, China, New York and Los Angeles. Their programs consist of everything from Facial Care to Body Care. They also have special treatments for Brides, Grooms, Maternal Care and Postnatal Care. The best thing about Yakson is that they don’t just focus on aesthetics, but more so their customers health.

For more information you can visit or call Yakson House at:

2560 W Olympic Blvd
Ste 102
Los Angeles, CA 90006
(213) 387-7900
or http://www.yaksonhouse.com




As a guest writer for SurprisinglyKitsch, I decided to write about my date with the always fashionable, part time grump and all around bad ass girlfriend of the year (what year?? every year) Marie “Ericke” Tan.

For our anniversary, we decided to have a mini vacation and see what LA has to offer. My beautiful tour guide, took me to a few places like the Grand central market, the last bookstore, the Japanese museum in little Tokyo, the arts district, had some bomb Korean food at POT and topped the date off by drinking ourselves stupid at a few pubs/bars around this fine city… you could say “not too shabby” for my first day back in the city of LA.

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In my travels, LA has easily been one of my favorite places to go to, not just because of the food, the places and the culture.  I always think that you have the best time exploring when you’re with the right people. That’s why I know that I’m very fortunate to have my best friend with me during my stay.


Girlfriend game on point.

Here’s why:

  1. She brought me to a place called “eggslut” for breakfast. (try the fairfax, it’s bomb)
  2. The Line hotel was easily the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in (next post)
  3. Lame jokes all day
  4. We’re both cheap dates. We get easily hammered.
  5. When she orders food, I get to finish both.
  6. Every time I visit her, it’s always a whole new experience.
  7. Never a dull moment with this lady.
  8. Secret handshakes for our gang of 2
  9. Hole in the wall bars with her, turn to one of the best nights ever.
  10. She’s a hugger.
  11. We were both rapping to Kendrick Lamar.
  12. “I need symmetry” is her cutest catchphrase to date.
  13. That smile doe
  14. Her eyebrows are sexy (never thought i’d say that to anyone ever).
  15. She bites and not in a sexy way. Still cute though.
  16. Farts inside the blanket, STILL find her attractive

King’s sexy drunk photos @ Good Times at Davey Waynes:


I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post as much as I loved writing this! It’s been real.

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Stay tuned for part 2 of my weekend with Ericke!

Take 2


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I’ve worn this outfit countless of times, and even blogged about it 2 years ago. I’m posting it again on my blog because of these awesome photos Greg Hector took of me during a break at work. He likes pit bulls, camping, fruity drinks, Volkswagen’s, anything vintage, anything in black or grey – you should stalk him on instagram: http://instagram.com/based_lavenderr.
20140728-141049-51049513.jpg20140728-141049-51049964.jpg 20140728-141050-51050226.jpg 20140728-141050-51050723.jpg 20140728-141049-51049717.jpg


20140728-141049-51049055.jpg 20140728-141049-51049292.jpg

Sunglasses: Celine
Shirt: Topshop
Triangle ring: Urban Outfitters
Bustier: Bazaar Find
Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim
Shoes: Zara

Photos by: Greg H.
Cover photo edited by: King Duque