big hair + bold clothes = big bold personality

Picture 377cropped

[blazer: thrifted, top: plains and prints, trousers: zoo, earrings: aldo, mom’s bag: prada, heels]

I wish office girls didn’t have to dress up in boring suits.

One requirement for graduating Nursing school is conducting seminars. Dress code: corporate attire. I have 8 seminars to attend to and I plan to do a work wear diary of sort. And its going to be for my Tita Marla who’s the trendiest office girl I actually know =D.

So here’s seminar number 1 for you =)

Picture 374small
Picture 375antique
Picture 378small
Picture 373small
Picture 380small
Picture 383small
Picture 385small
Picture 381small
Picture 384small
Picture 387small

See what I meant bout how office clothes not having to be so drab?

Picture 391
Picture 393

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